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Lip Balms - Vegan - Candelilla Wax

Lip Balms - Vegan - Candelilla Wax

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Allow yourself to experience a sense of calm, present, soft state of being every time you open and apply one of our beautiful Candelilla Wax Lip Balms.

Each Lip Balm is beautifully scented with the purest essential oils, designed to remind you of your strengths and the powers within to live your best life. 

You will receive one of each of the following lip balms in your order, and they represent the following:

  • Red - Rose Geranium - Strengthen your etheric body, and bring you to a state of love and calmness.
  • Purple - Lavender & Vanilla - The scent of purity, silence, devotion and grace. Great addition to your morning meditations.
  • Orange - Peppermint & Vanilla - Mental clarity and Prophetic visions. Great sidekick to use when going into a business meeting, or for when you need strength for difficult conversations.
  • Blue - Sweet Orange - Boosts optimism, aids emotional stress, and boosts self-confidence - Great for your day to day running arounds and work day. Especially great when dealing with difficult people.
  • Green - Lemon & Lime - Invigorate and energise, sharpen your mind and body - Great to use when working on a new project and going for that big deal.

Every single Candelilla wax Lip Balm is designed to help you navigate your day to day. Step into the power that is you, and live the life you dream of.

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