Candle Shy Subscription Box

Crystal Candles

The perfect answer to every candle addict! You know who you are 😉

Make every month perfect by setting your intention with a beautiful candle scented with only the best essential oils, and decorated with crystals. 

Receive just the candle you need for your focus of the month. It could be anything from Amethyst to battle negative energy, Aventurine to help you step into that leader role, Rose Quartz to surround yourself with love, Citrine to manifest more money into your life, the possibilities are endless.

Trust the universe to send you the perfect crystal for your biggest need each month.

The candles come in a range of sizes with a big range of crystal and or crystal chips. You will effortlessly grow your crystal collection with the most needed crystals.

What we guarantee with each subscription box:

  • 100% Soy Wax Candle
  • Scented with only the best quality essential oils
  • Different sizes, but always to the same if not more value - you will never be missing out.
  • A wide range of top quality crystals and crystal chips
  • Eco-friendly and zero waste candle supply every month
  • Re-usable jars - or get in touch for a shipping label to send the jars back at our cost.

Get your monthly candle and crystal fix all in one go, Join the Waitlist Now to ensure you don't miss out on the Candle Shy Subscription Box. 

How It Works

Subscribe to the Monthly Candle Shy Subscription Box.
This ensures you are not missing out on receiving a beautiful candle
decorated with crystals (or have some hidden in them), scented with 
100% pure essential oils every month. Ensuring your Crystal collection
growing piece by piece every month.


Your Subscription Box will be posted out to you on the 15th of
every month. If the 15th falls on a bank holiday, it will leave
immediately the next day after. Shipping takes around 2 to 3
days depending on location.


Payment will be automatically taken on the 1st of every month.
You have the right to cancel your subscription at anytime. 
Cancellations will only be accepted before the next payment
leaves your account.