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Lief To Love

Rose Quartz Infused Crystal Candle

Rose Quartz Infused Crystal Candle

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Feel it now.... Close your eyes, take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart. Do you feel it? The heart beating? That is the only heart that will be with you from the day you are born until the day you move on. Sense the love and presence of your heart, body, soul and entire being. This is everything and so much more what the Rose Quartz Infused Crystal Candle is made for. To bring you to that state or true love, appreciation and awe of how amazing you are! 

Made with the highest quality Soy Wax, and scented with the most beautiful Rose Geranium Essential oils. Allow the beauty and pure love energy of the Rose Quartz Crystal to bring an aura around you of peace, love, excitement. Putting that invisible crown back on your head. 

Pro Tip: Light the Rose Quartz infused candle when having a bath, or spa experience in your own home to bring a true sense love and self love around you. Also a great candle to light when you are feeling a bit down 💕

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